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Concert Classique - Cantate Veneziane

Concert - Music

Saturday, September 23


Samedi : 17:30 -

Association Centre Culturel à Cassis

Venetian Antonio Vivaldi Vivaldi Cantata leaves us several cantatas for alto, all designed to the concerts of the girls of "the Ospedale della Pietà" of Venice.Unlike the operas, these cantatas portray not an action, but rather a feeling. Did Vivaldi however shows all his theatrical know-how, feelings become characters who inhabit the singer. Antonio Caldara, as Vivaldi was born in Venice. He leaves us a great Cantata for alto, deep and subtle. For these two composers, the Cantata form is the opportunity to focus their expressiveness in a few pages: sometimes lyrical, virtuosic, intimate, demonstrative, tormented, exalted...


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