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• Of the Youth Orchestra of the Mediterranean of the Aix Festival in concert at the Camargo Foundation

Concert - Music

July 20 at 20: 00

Opening hours

Vendredi : 20:00 -

Fondation Camargo à Cassis

The intercultural section of the Academy of the Aix Festival concert (section more jazz/traditional music) free Concert reservations required (within the limit of available places): in case of bad weather, the concert will be cancelled within the Academy of the Festival of Aix-en-Provence since 2014, the Youth Orchestra of the Mediterranean (OJM) offers an experience of young talented instrumentalists of the Provence region of azure and of the Mediterranean basin Trainer in whole and Orchestra. For 30 years, the OJM transmits the pleasure of playing the directory Symphony for large Orchestra effective and place the creation and intercultural exchange at the heart of its programs. The intercultural design of the OJM session, led by Fabrizio Cassol and destiny to practices of musical improvisation such as the traditional music of Mediterranean or jazz, will be at Cassis in the exceptional setting of the Foundation Camargo.


Fondation Camargo

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