What to do this month in Cassis ?

What if, to discover Cassis, I told you about how it is to live in Cassis ?

Living in Cassis...

... is about enjoying an animated village, where the shop owners will welcome you every day of the week, is about strolling, leading to our generous market stands.

 It is also about enriching yourself from the provençal hertiage, by following the guide's steps through the streets of Cassis, whether this visit is about History, arts or gastronomy, or by boaridng a touristic train. The city has so much to share : the museum of Arts and popular Traditions, the Four Banal, the Saint Michel's church.... Also, we use Cassis Secrets, an app to help ourselves in the streets.




... is about taking time and having fun. For the pleasure of our eyes, the Camargo Foundation opens its doors every week. With temperatures rising, it is also the best time to go to the beach, or bring the children to the caroussel. It is also about wandering on the port, on the pavewalk, looking for the perfect restaurant, café or wine bar, as well as making it last longer at the Casino, for the lucky ones.

... is also to rush every Wednesday to the 2CV Mehari Club Cassis, which, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, opens the doors of its workshops. You will be able to discover the secrets of the renovation of iconic models and their electric transformation.





 ... is also about stepping in the Calanques National Park !

By the sea, come and admire the view of the park - with live comments please - from a boat. Your choice : 3, 5, 8 or 9 Calanques ! In case you are looking for adventure, come closer to the water level with a kayak, a paddle or a wingfoil, with a guide - or not! But then, if you are more of an independant person, rent a boat ! You can get one with or without license, with or without a skipper - the offer here is meant to suit you. For the sea sick ones, don't worry, there is also the swimming pool Cap Provence.

By the ground, put on your favorite hiking shoes, get on an electrical bike, slip on a harness... You got it by now, we are quite the athletes in Cassis !



 ... is about delighting in our vineyards !

With 12 wine makers, the AOC Cassis is a heritage both living and ancient. And, as we're quite proud of it, we offer visits and tastings ! And, for an extraordinary tasting, take the high road - literaly - with the electric Tuktuks.


In a nutshell... in Cassis is about experiencing a bit of Provence, right on the seashore. It is about living in a privileged place, proud of what we have to offer. In addition to all these activities, do not miss the cultural events of May !

So, if you are interested, book your activities or a night in one of the tourist accomodations !


... book your activities with cassis tourism office


> Go on an adventure with Cassis Guides Office

Adventure Circuit : le Trou Souffleur

Cap Canaille 's cliff : Introduction to climbing in Calanques National Park

Adventure trail: The Philemon Crossing

A must see : Guided walk with commentary at the gates of the Calanques

Guided twilight walk at the Soubeyranne cliff


> E-bike with Trolib                                                                                                

3h circuit in the Calanques national park (advanced level)                    

2h circuit on Cap Canaille (intermediary level)  

2h circuit in the Calanques National Park (intermediate level)

Electric Bike Tour - Discover the 12 wine estates (easy level - 2H30)


> Join Lo'kayak or CSLN for a kayak trip

 At sunset, sea kayaking and snorkeling 2h with Lo'kayak 

At sunset, sea kayaking and snorkelling for 2 hours with CSLN

Sea kayak tour 4h in the Calanques with Lo'kayak

Guided sea kayak tour 4h in the Calanques with CSLN 

Very sportive sea kayak tour 6h in the Calanques with Lo'kayak


 > Get on a rope park with Cassis Forest

Rope park circuit


> Discover the secrets of the 2CV Mehari Club Cassis

Visit the workshops


> Board an electric tuktuk and discover the city                                           

Discovery tour of Cap Canaille through the Route des Crêtes                   

Sunset aperitif

Brunch tour in nature

Tasting of 5 AOC Cassis wines


> Opt for a guided visit with Cassis Tourism Office

Discovering Cassis

The Gourmet Walk

Cassis in its artists footsteps


> Visit Cassis from a tourist train                                                                         

Guided tour on a tourist train


 > Go and discover the wineyard La Dona Tigana

Commented tasting of 3 wines

Visit and tasting of 3 wines

Visit and tasting of 3 wines with cheese and meat platter




> Jazz sur le Toit Festival

August 7th 2022 - "Musette" Swing of Post-war France with Accordeon Player Jo Labita

August 14th 2022 - Latin-Jazz Evening with Trumpet Player Jose Caparros


> Cassis Jazz Festival

August 27th 2022 -  Matthis Pascaud & Hugh Coltman - "Night Trippin" Tribute to Dr John