Le Printemps du livre - Cassis

from May 30 to June 2

This true celebration of writing is taking place this year, exceptionally, over a long weekend in the magical setting of the Camargo Foundation's amphitheatre, where writers are gradually being led to reveal their literary process, to reveal themselves to their readers, to engage in dialogue with them.

Springtime of the Book of Cassis 2019

May 30 to June 2, 2019

The Springtime of the Book of Cassis combines
Literature and Music
Literature and Cinema
Literature and Photos
Literature and Art

Around the theme:

"Freedom, dear freedom"

Place of literary readings: Camargo Foundation - Jérôme Hill Amphitheatre
In case of bad weather: room at the Cassis cultural centre
Free and free admission for all meetings



with the participation of many writers:

Tahar Ben Jelloun
Serge Joncour
Régis Wargnier
Alexandre Jardin
Vanessa Schneider
Pierre Palmade
Arnaud Le Guerne
Pierre Ducrozet
Elizabeth Tchoungui
Eric Emmanuel Schmitt
Laurent Seksik
Jean-Jacques Annaud
Olivier Pourriol
Serge Moati
Luciano Melis
Rudy Ricciotti

Literary meetings designed and animated by

et Marc Fourny